what programs do you use?

I use procreate on my iPad, and sometimes SAI on my laptop.

what equipment do you use?

My current laptop is a HP notebook 15, and i have the 9.7 inch iPad (2018). I use a Wacom Intuos tablet for laptop work.

can you draw ____?

Probably! Your best bet is to just ask me. I’ll tell you if that’s out of my ability.

do you draw nsfw/gore commissions?

yes! see my NSFW carrd for more information. For gorey stuff, just ask at the time of your order. I will let you know if i’m uncomfortable with that.

art trades?

probably! I don’t limit my ATs to only mutuals, so go ahead and ask. The only reason I would decline is if I am too busy at the time.

—-> Can I ask for a fashion commission in exchange for an art trade?

No. The only reason I would do a fashion commission in an art trade is if I offer you one.

—> Requests?

I sometimes honor requests via tumblr ONLY. generally only fandom things, i will NOT draw your oc for free.

are you selling your fursonapin?

yes! email me if you’d like one. (Peaches #257)

are you selling your prints online?

not right now, no. Hopefully when i go back to the states i will be able to. You can get some of my designs on redbubble, though.


By commissioning me, you automatically agree to my

terms of service, which are also present on your invoice

at time of sale. breaking of the TOS will automatically

cancel your commission, of which a refund may not be



  • ALL payment is through paypal, in USD; unless otherwise noted or decided.

  • Payments must be paid in-full and up-front, NO NEGOTIATION. 

    • i will NOT start your order unless payment has been made

  • If you need to discuss payment plans for orders OVER $100, we can talk.

  • payments under 20$ will be made through the public paypal link, paypal.me/toucanburger. orders over 20$ will be through invoice. 
    this is to protect both you and me. Buyer’s protection is still applicable (including the TOS) on paypal me link purchases.

  • All adopts must be purchased from me via invoice.


  • I am a working person, attending university fulltime in addition to commissions. Sometimes my schedule gets busy, and i’m battling depression. I try my very best to get orders done within 1 month of ordering, but i ask all my commissioners to be patient, I promise I haven’t forgotten about you.

  • If you have an issue with how long your commission is taking, please let me know privately.

  • if you need it by a certain date, you MUST let me know in advance, so i can plan accordingly. If you require your commission by an immediate date, I will charge a rush fee.

  • I give sketch updates as asked, and usually for large pieces (fullbodies, customs, etc.) Small things like icons don’t come with sketch updates unless you really need one. I prefer not to break up my flow while drawing.


  • refunds are ONLY available if the drawing is sketched but not lined/colored, or not done at all.

  • refunds are ONLY half what you paid, unless i have not started at all. 

outside usage

  • Your commission is your piece to keep. If somebody has stolen your piece, or any of my art for that matter, please let me know. 

  • please don't repost without my permission. it's just not cool. You are free to repost YOUR COMMISSION on your site of choosing as long as i know about it and am properly credited. (EXCEPTION: you are free to put your piece on toyhou.se as long as you credit me. You can link to my toyhouse, @basilpesto. you do not need to ask.)

  • However; i am on most sites. if you would like to me to post it somewhere for you, just ask!